Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Singapore My Home Too by Chee Soon Juan

Another book by Secretary General of Singapore Democratic Party, Dr. Chee Soon Juan. "Singapore My Home Too" was written right after his book "Dare to Change: An Alternative Vision for Singapore".

A short glance at the table of contents shed some light into his area of discussion:

The Terrible Curse of Fear
Keeping Stomachs Full and Heads Empty
Intellectually Speaking
No Democracy Please, We're Asians
Meritocratic Humbug
Robin Hood
Looking Ahead

I particularly like this book as Dr. Chee patiently dispels all the urban legend and myth that the ruling party had entrenched in Singapore society. As always, the book is easy to read and self-explanatory even if you are a newbie in Singapore politics. If you have read his previous book, you might find some similar arguments in "Singapore My Home Too".

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

For reference, you might want to visit http://www.yoursdp.org

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