Thursday, September 11, 2008

Foreign Policy and International Law by Charles G. Fenwick

Published in 1968, Foreign Policy and International Law is written by Charles G. Fenwick, a member of Pan American Union.

Foreign Policy and International Law looked into the following:
  1. Character and Scope of Foreign Policy
  2. The Community of Nations
  3. Who speaks for whom in the World of Nations
  4. National Security: 1776-1920
  5. National Security: 1920-1942
  6. The United Nations
  7. The Rule of Law under the Charter, 1945-1968
  8. Problems of National Self-government: Citizenship
  9. Responsibility of the State for the Protection of Aliens and their Property
  10. Special Obligations towards neighbouring States
  11. Titles to Territory; National Boundaries
  12. The High Seas
  13. International Cooperation in the Enforcement and Administration of National Law
  14. Treaties and Conventions
  15. Diplomatic Agents; Consuls
  16. Economic and Social Problems
  17. The Settlement of International Disputes: Arbitration and Judicial Decision
  18. Forcible Procedure by War
Foreign Policy and International Law is written from an American perspective and majority of it relates to the foreign policies of the United States.

Referring to case studies, Fenwick poses many questions for the reader to stipulate and think about the irrationality and abnormacy of certain acts by states.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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