Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Anthony Robbins Life Story by Michael Bolduc

Michael Bolduc was the Vice-President of Anthony Robbins & Associates, before becoming the CEO of Guaranteed Success Strategies. He was living in poverty, but with the help of Anthony Robbins, he moved from poverty to financial independence.

Anthony Robins, affectionately called "Tony", is currently rated top ten speakers in the world by Toastmasters. The sales of his recordings exceeds those of Michael Jackson's. He charges millions for individual coaching.

The book traces from Tony's childhood to present. When he was young, he already had in mind what he wanted in life. He was popular among girls as he always provided solutions for them. While his peers were into alcohols and drugs, he abstained from them.

He was greatly inspired by Jim Rohn at one point. He joined Jim Rohn's company as a salesman to sell his tickets so as to get other people to benefit from his speech. Soon, he was the best salesmen and then given a position as Area Sales Director.

He later started up giving speech himself. He went through numerous sets of ups-and-downs, getting into loans or being cheated. But he rose again and become this powerful speaker.

Sneak peek: Summary of Secrets to Success

Secret #1 : Ask good questions
Secret #2 : Intelligently ask for what you want
Secret #3: If you want to become a success, care deeply about what you want -- enough to do whatever it takes
Secret #4: Never be interested in achieving success. Instead, find compelling reasons that motivate you
Secret #5: Develop passion in your life
Secret #6: Learn from other people
Secret #7: Create value for people
Secret #8: Believe in the impossible and it will happen
Secret #9: Associate yourself with successful people
Secret #10: Take responsiblity and make things happen
Secret #11: Always look for ways to make things work
Secret #12: Master the secrets
Secret #13: Make the habit of making decisions more often

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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