Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why We Want You To Be Rich -- Donald Trump with Robert Kiyosaki

This is a book written by a billionaire and a millionaire. It seeks to explain the reason why this both individuals are actively writing books and creating games to get people to be rich.

The book started off with how Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki got together to pen the book. In each chapter, both of them use different font types to indicate the author for that portion of words.

From this book, you can actually understand their background and how they became rich. They state the problems that the US and most of the world are facing. Why We Want You To Be Rich also gives pointers as to what you should start doing or embarking on.

To me, this book also sought to promote their own products and trainings. It also acted as a platform for them to retaliate their critics. But all in all, it was informative enough for someone who hadn't finished the Rich Dad series. There are snippets from each of the Rich Dad books.

Overall, I would rate this book 7/10

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